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Category: Medical

Topic: Life Span Development

Level: EMT

Next Unit: Middle Adulthood (41-60)

2 minute read

Early Adulthood (20 to 40)

Vital Signs:

  • HR: 70 bpm average

    Maximum heart rate with strenuous exercise can be estimated by the formula [200 - AGE]. Example: age 30 = 220 - 30 = 190.
  • RR: 16-20 bpm
  • Systolic BP: 120 mmHg average
  • Temperature: 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit

Peak physical conditioning occurs between 19-26 years of age. Adults develop lifelong habits and routines during this time and all body systems are at optimal performance. Accidents are a leading cause of death in this age group due to thier being the most active age group.

Psychological - Early adulthood presents with the highest levels of job stress. Romantic and affectionate love develop. Childbirth is most common in this age group, and psychological problems related to well-being are much reduced as compared to later in age.

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