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Category: EMS Operations

Topic: EMS Systems

Level: EMR

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The three types of EMS service are

  1. fire department-based,
  2. hospital-based, and
  3. private service (AKA third service).

They have the same goal but provide service in different ways, based on the needs and resources of the community.

NATIONAL HIGHWAY TRAFFIC SAFETY ADMINISTRATION (NHTSA): the Lead Coordinating Agency in the national EMS system.

PUBLIC-SAFETY ANSWERING POINT (PSAP): a call center responsible for answering calls to an emergency telephone number, usually 911.

NATIONAL SCOPE OF PRACTICE MODEL: divides prehospital care into provider levels.

NATIONAL EMS EDUCATION STANDARDS: dictates to what extent each provider level must know the given material.


Authorization to Practice

Authorization to practice, via:  

  1. State EMS offices determine the state scope of practice and actively regulate the licensure of prehospital personnel.
  2. Medical oversight is a system by which the quality of calls can be administratively systemized into protocols that are iterated upon using quality improvement programs.

    Protocols can be online (direct communication with the physician) or offline (written protocols and standing orders.)
  3. County, city, metro, or other local credentialing agencies.
  4. Employer policies and procedures.