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Category: Cardiology

Topic: Chest Pain Management

Level: Paramedic

Next Unit: Understanding Acute Coronary Syndrome

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The secondary survey focuses on the REASSESSMENT of Airway, Breathing, Circulation and immediate life threats.

After the primary survey, the secondary survey allows for a focused history and a focused physical as apply to the chief complaint

Chest pain or discomfort should be the focus of the history and should be assessed for typical findings of angina. Atypical findings are pertinent and may be indications of a more serious event. The patient may also be in denial.



  • OPQRST regarding the pain.
  • Cardiovascular system 
  • Vital signs - blood pressure, pulse, respiratory rate and quality, and level of consciousness
  • Perform secondary 12 lead EKG 
  • Transport decision
  • Treatment plan
  • Interventions