Discover a Game-Changing Approach to Medical Education with MACK, Our AI Medic Tutor.

Tailored for the aspiring and the seasoned: Whether you're mastering the EMS curriculum or a paramedic seeking daily insights, MACK is your go-to conversational mentor.

  • Engage in deep medical conversations tailored to your needs.
  • Trained on a decade of paramedic-specific content.
  • Practice, fail, and learn without judgment, 24/7.

Say hello to MACK - your
paramedic study buddy

Using cutting-edge natural language processing and machine
learning technologies, MACK taps into MedicTests’ comprehensive education library, making your learning experience more engaging and intuitive. Whether you’re in Paramedic School or an experienced Paramedic, MACK is here to enhance your understanding.

Dive into dynamic conversations on any medical topic. Explore, inquire, and practice with MACK's conversational approach.

Benefit from a learning experience tailored just for you. MACK assesses your performance and crafts a learning trajectory optimized to your needs.

Whether you're on our web app or eagerly waiting for our mobile version, MACK is accessible anytime, anywhere.

Rest assured, with a decade of MedicTests' content behind it, MACK provides reliable and up-to-date information to bolster your EMS knowledge.

No extra charges! MACK is a part of your MedicTests membership, ensuring quality education without pinching your pockets.

Receive instant feedback and reinforce your EMS understanding with MACK guiding you every step.

MACK preps you for success in exams and certification tests, offering targeted questions and exhaustive explanations.

Why MACK Stands Above The Rest?

Why MACK Stands Above The Rest?

In a world inundated with general chatbots and standard
learning platforms, MACK shines uniquely. Tailored specifically for
EMS professionals and students, it goes beyond basic Q&A. Whether you're diving into detailed medical topics as a learner or seeking rapid insights as a seasoned paramedic, MACK offers dynamic,
context-aware interactions.

Benefit from a decade of specialized content, and experience learning and practice without the fear of judgment or misinformation. MACK isn't just another chatbot—it's your dedicated EMS mentor.

A Versatile Tutor For Every EMS Journey

For the Aspiring

For the Aspiring

If you're attending Paramedic School, navigating the vast sea of medical terminology, protocols, and procedures can be daunting. MACK is here to be your study buddy, simplifying concepts and making learning interactive.

For the Established

For the Established

Already a practicing paramedic? MACK isn't just for those in school. Benefit from instant, accurate responses and insights in your day-to-day tasks, ensuring you're always equipped with up-to-date medical knowledge.

Personalized to Your Level

Personalized to Your Level

Whether you identify as an EMT or aim higher, MACK adjusts to your level, ensuring the guidance you receive is apt and beneficial. And stay tuned! We're continuously innovating, with even more specialized versions of MACK in development.

Hear it from Our Users

MACK is incredible!

I have to take a break in my studying to let you know and thank you for how amazingly incredible this tool has been! I use the AI in my studying as my first place to ask a question and then if I want more information I go to the library article... It has saved me so much time searching and googling through multiple sources to find one piece of information. I always feel like the information given to me is pertinent and tailored to paramedicine and not convoluted. It is amazing how much the AI can respond like a real tutor this just happened. So incredible! Thank you for creating this amazing tool. It has made a great difference to my learning!

Patrick Enfield

T. Bader

EMS Student at MedTech College

It's like having a medic on standby!

I've been in the field for over a decade, and staying updated with the latest medical knowledge is crucial. MACK has become an invaluable tool in my daily routine. Whether I'm refreshing my memory on specific protocols or seeking clarity on new procedures, MACK provides instant, reliable answers. It's like having a fellow medic, always on standby, ready to assist.

Alex Mitchell

Alex Mitchell

Senior Paramedic, City EMS Services

A Glimpse of Evolution

Then Vs. Now: A Glimpse of Evolution

MedicTests has always been at the forefront of innovative learning. Our core platform divided medical education into units, posed questions for mastery, and crafted a personalized learning path based on performance. While this remains our main offering, with MACK, we’re taking a giant leap into the future of education. Experience a seamless chatbot interface, a tutor that's available 24/7, and a mentorship that is both encouraging and transformative.

Everyone Gets MACK!

Everyone Gets MACK!

All MedicTests users can readily access MACK via our web app. And the good news doesn’t stop here – MACK is making its debut on our mobile apps this weekend! The best part? All these advanced features come at NO additional cost. It’s all covered in your MedicTests Membership.

Unlock the Full Potential of EMS Education

Don’t wait to amplify your learning. Whether you're beginning your journey in EMS or a seasoned paramedic, MACK is here to ensure you stay at the top of your game. Join the MedicTests family and revolutionize your education!

  • Engage in deep medical conversations tailored to your needs.
  • Trained on a decade of paramedic-specific content.
  • Practice, fail, and learn without judgment, 24/7.

Frequently Asked

MACK is an AI-powered tutor designed to assist EMS students and practicing paramedics. Through interactive conversations, it offers guidance, explanations, and real-time feedback tailored to your needs.

While ChatGPT and other chatbots are designed for general conversation and wide-ranging knowledge, MACK is specifically tailored for EMS education. Trained on MedicTests' decade of paramedic-specific content, MACK offers a focused, expert, and contextually accurate learning experience for medical professionals.

No, access to MACK is included in your MedicTests membership at no additional cost. It's our commitment to providing the best tools for EMS education.

Currently, all MedicTests users have access to MACK via our web app. Support for mobile apps is coming soon!

Absolutely! While MACK is a fantastic tool for students, it's also designed to assist practicing paramedics. Whether you need to clarify a protocol, refresh your memory on specific procedures, or explore the latest in EMS knowledge, MACK is here to help.