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MedicTests gives instructors a hybrid classroom where students can test themselves more often and in ways that lead to greater learning and a significant improvement in first-time pass rates.



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How MedicTests helps EMS instructors extend their
reach beyond the classroom

Augment your classroom by being able to
directly assign content and view student and
class progress from day 1 until graduation day!
Find and address any weak spots in your
classroom over time.
Give your students the ability to practice with
ems fundamentals and standardized testing by
creating an extended classroom online.

What students get

  • Personalized Learning at
    Your Fingertips

    Our software learns the students and creates a PERSONALIZED education tailored to THEIR strengths and weaknesses.

  • Exact replica of the NREMT Simulator

    Students get an adaptive test simulation with the same standards as on the real National Registry test.

  • Meet Mack, Your Personal
    AI Medic Tutor

    Students earn at their own pace, go through the content in any order, and work on a specific unit with OPEN BOOK practice questions!

  • Guides to difficult EMS topics in PLAIN ENGLISH!

    Our guides address common student issues like test anxiety, frustration with the test questions themselves, and how to approach the test.

  • Analytics

    Users are able to track progress and have statistical data to instill confidence as well as assess their own readiness levels.

What students say about
their experience with MedicTests

I passed NREMT on the first try!

I highly recommend MedicTests!. It helped me pass the NREMT paramedic exam. I took and passed the exam years ago when it was on paper. I studied hard with MedicTests for about two months and took the exams over and over. I passed the NREMT paramedic exam on the first try. I’m going to continue using MedicTests.

Patrick Enfield

Exactly what I needed!

I followed the plan and went through the study sections and did the unit test and did several National Registry simulation test. it was easy to use and when I did go take my National Registry, the questions were very similar. I felt very prepared, and passed on my first try! Thank you!

Crystal Hodge

No more test anxiety

Just passed the NREMT-P (my 4th attempt) after using MedicTests! My first 3 attempts I used other websites, etc. Obviously they didn\'t work. I also have severe test anxiety. MedicTests articles on pre-test preparation and test taking really helped!! Thanks so much MedicTests!

Kayti Stepan

Great Resource!

I used MedicTests to study while preparing for my EMT basic and Paramedic exams.. I passed both exams on the first try, at the minimum amount of questions. Medic Tests gives you a great idea of your strengths and weaknesses, so you know where to focus your studies. Upon answering correctly or incorrectly, you are also given an explanation. Great resource.

Caitlyn Borne

Thanks Medictests!

Used this website for my EMT-B and Paramedic-both passed on the first try. Awesome tool to use!! the 2 great things about it, being able to focus on an individual section you're weak at, and also the NR simulator. That simulator allowed me to practice my time management skills while feeling the pressure. Don't get me wrong, you still have to do your part and pay attention in class and read the books. but this website helps tie it all together. Thanks MedicTests!!!

Waleed Amos

Highly recommended!

Passed my NREMT-P on the first go around when i was 20. Only paid for a month of the subscription and it definately helped get rid of the anxiety and put me in the mind set of national registry. I highly recommend to any student preparing to test! Remember you get out what you put into it!

Chris Athey

It worked wonders for me!

I just passed my NREMT-P and used medic test for practice !! It worked wonders and I passed on my first go around !! Thanks MedicTests I have told everyone I know about this site and will highly recommend to anyone prepping for the registry.

Myasha Richards

Recommending it to many other!

Your website is awesome! I became a member and took the national registry simulator many times along with your test and I have to say it helped me tremendously you guys guarantee members to pass the registry the first try and I did! Thank you very much, your website is great and I will be recommending it to many others!

Austin DeWees

This is the place!

Took my NREMT exam last night (5/15/14) passed it!! If anyone is taking the test and looking for a study guide and test bank this is the place ! I saw at least 10 exact questions from the test on this site! DO IT!

Kevin Lynch

Thanks guys!

I used this site religiously for 3 months prior to my test and happy to say I passed my NREMT-P first try. Would highly recommend for all! Thanks guys!

Chris Horne

Awesome study materials!

Passed my NREMT-A exam yesterday due to the help of your website. Awesome study materials and test prep exams. I only studied for about a month with your materials and I passed my exam.

Latoya Stewart

Your website is great!

I recently took my national registry and like everyone I was very nervous. You website along with reading certain chapters in my book was the only study tools I used. Your online test stimulator is a great way to prepare. I highly recommend this site to everyone looking to pass their national. Thank you

Ruben Ferrell

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MedicTests has three testing options in the Exam Center for students 24/7:

  1. Take a quick 25 Question Practice Test in any category or provider level
  2. Create a Custom Exam and you can choose which categories to include and the number of questions in the exam.
  3. National Registry Simulator™ - Our adaptive simulator places the student in a simulated testing environment and is especially useful for building test endurance. Most students are not used to answering over 100 scenario-based consecutively for 2 hours! The National Registry Simulator is a timed exam that issues between 70 and 130 questions based on student performance. Like the NREMT, our simulator will keep asking questions in a given category until it has enough information to assess whether the competency level in that category is adequate. Scoring is then reported in a similar matter as the NREMT exam: you must pass all categories to pass the exam and feedback is given on a per-category basis. Each student's examination is drawn from a test bank of thousands of questions. Each new question is selected based on how the individual student answered the previous question.

All of our tests provide comprehensive feedback including detailed explanation of answers and trends providing time management of the test taken as well as performance history. If the student is missing a lot of questions about ACLS algorithms or medical math, the National Registry Simulator will let them know, specifically. Even If they missed a lot of questions with the word ‘NOT’ in it, the National Registry Simulator will let them know. We’re adding more ways to identify and bolster any weaknesses in the student’s knowledge.

Students can take practice tests and study anywhere on any modern browser or device by going to MedicTests.com and logging in with their individual credentials. Whether it's a 25 question test from your phone between calls or reading a guide on Traumatic Asphyxiation, students always have access to preparation and testing.

For Paramedic students who actively used the site for 90 days, MedicTests users have > 94% pass rate on their first attempt at the NREMT exam while the national average first-time pass rate is 73%. Active use assumes at least 15 minutes of study at least every 3rd day for the 90 days prior to testing.

Questions are created using the National EMS Education Standards. In that document, it delineates and organizes all of the information in a line-item fashion. We take those line items and the level of competency required by the NREMT and develop a board of information topics. We use these information topics and create questions using 3 difficulty ratings. Our difficulty ratings are composites of the revised bloom taxonomy of educational objectives. After a question is written, it is put into our test-database where it is evaluated by a test group. Questions are reviewed daily by students and instructors who have the ability to provide us real time feedback on the questions they are seeing. In addition, we keep logs of how each question is being answered by students, so that we can track how many times the question has been asked and how students are doing with each test item.

No! We have massive test banks, study guides and support for 4 provider levels : EMR, EMT, AEMT and Paramedic.

Yes, The Quick and Dirty Guide to Medical Math. In addition, we have a library of medical math problems

No, each student is assigned an individual ID through the instructor. If the system detects multiple accounts or multiple students taking tests, it will just ban the account. Student readiness is an individual process and the personalized dashboard gives students real feedback on their personal readiness.

Instructors can view an extensive list of analytics,scores of students and trends of different classes through the instructor dashboard. A great feature of the dashboard shows students ranked by readiness, with the ability to view trends, past tests, and National Registry Simulator readiness.

You can expect to improve your program’s first time pass rate by 15-25% without additional educator training, or curriculum changes.

Yes, many students who used the site to graduate EMT use us again for Paramedic school. They can keep the same account, and we just reset their dashboard numbers to be in line with the new provider level.

As soon as payment or a purchase order is received, your dedicated account representative will have all of your accounts and your free instructor account set up and running in the same day.

Simply suggest it or require it as part of a normal academic process. If you have students in your class using MedicTests and paying for their own accounts, let us know and we’ll just give you a free instructor account that will be able to monitor those students. The student pays for access just like they purchase a workbook. Working on lessons and using our test software will make learning easier, more fluid, and give students the ability to practice under high stress, see the exact types of questions, see the reasonings behind things, and learn more about specific things that influence testing OUTSIDE of the subject matter being tested. They are all going into a pressure job, so performing under pressure is not something they have to do once for a test... it's something they will have to do poorly for awhile, and then learn to be novice, intermediate, and finally become professional. We have hundreds of pages explaining complex medicine in simple language including the mental/emotional aspects of approaching the exam and this career field. With MedicTests.com, they are getting actual adaptive practice regularly, so when they go into the center to take the actual test, it isn't the first time. We have found that instructors discussing the value of these things encourages students to buy the program individually, and they have the highest average score, because they are personally invested in the process. We have discounted full-year memberships that now teach alongside your instructors and result in substantially better end product professionals.